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Published February 16, 2010, 06:26 PM

WDAZ IN VANCOUVER: Another Bemidji Olympian Competes On USA Curling Team

The curling factory that is Bemidji Minnesota has produced yet another Olympian.

By: Chris Regimbal, WDAZ

The curling factory that is Bemidji Minnesota has produced yet another Olympian. Born and raised and still a resident, Natalie Nicholson honed her game at the popular Bemidji Curling Club. Nicholson is now in Vancouver and on the 2010 Olympic Team. She is the latest in a growing list of Bemidji curlers to wear the red, white and blue.

Natalie Nicholson: "When I first started playing the Olympics was just being talked about. And it's something I never really imagined to be offered. I mean a lot of things have to take place, making it an olympic sport. So it's something I never focused on. But of course since it became on Olympic medal sport, that was obviously like a big factor in our trying and putting our sights on. You know we have a great curling club. Our ice is very similar to speeds at world championships. I think it has a lot to do with it, is that we have got great ice. "

Debbie McCormick/Team USA Curling. "Just ask her, (laughing) she will call Bemidji as the world capital of curling. There are a lot of really good curlers that come from Bemidji. They have a great facility. When I was competing on the 2002 team Kari Erickson and Stacey Liapis . And then of course the 2006 team Pete Fenson from Bemidji, and now Natalie is from Bemidji. So there is a long history of really great curlers from Bemidji."

Natalie Nicholson: "Wow I'm going to be there. You always putyourself in the place of watching it. And it's like am playing in it."

Nicholson stressed that she is not just happy with making it to the Olympics, and that she intends to leave Canada with the gold.