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Published February 17, 2010, 05:25 PM

WDAZ IN VANCOUVER: Gigi Marvin Is Seventh Warroad Olympian

Hockeytown USA needs to make room for one more name on its illustrious roster of olympians..Gigi Marvin. When Marvin hit the ice on Sunday she became the 7th hockey player from Warroad to play in the Olympics.

By: Chris Regimbal, WDAZ

Gigi Marvin's donning of the red, white and blue means her name will soon be added to the wall of Olympians inside the Warroad Gardens.

Gigi Marvin : "There are six former Olympians when you walk right into the gardens, you see all their pictures hanging above the rink. That's' what people see when they walk into the rink. Its the highest caliber you can go to. And I'm just so thrilled I'm able to do the same."

"I'm so thankful for all the people at home. It's fun to get the messages. I know my aunt brought a couple posters from the kids at school. And that gets me excited. I know a lot of the people back home pretty well, so it's great to know that they are cheering me on."

Jocelyne Lamoureux / Teammate: "We get along, and it's fun to play with her, to have her come into this year having played with her last year. It's fun to have someone local other then Monique. And to have someone local near by us. It's great."

Gigi Marvin. "Im just so thrilled and blessed to be from Hockeytown USA."

Marvin says the best way to leave her mark is to bring the gold medal home to Warroad.