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Published February 18, 2010, 08:32 PM

More LGA Cuts Possible

A supplemental budget proposal by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlently would be bad news for many Minnesota cities if it is approved by the Legislature. Crookston is one of those that would be hit hard.

The city of Crookston has already had to cut about 380-thousand dollars from its 20-10 budget because of Local Government Aid cuts. LGA was designed to level the playing field between property rich and property poor Minnesota cities, but it's become a target when the Governor looks to balance the state's budget.

Aaron Parrish: "Communities throughout the state have been able to provide the same types of services irrespective of whether they have a high degree of property tax wealth or a low degree of property tax wealth."

With the proposed budget supplement, the city would lose another 400-thousand dollars, and that would be a major blow to it's budget.

Aaron Parrish: "Really it comes in the middle of our budget year and we really don't have the ability to look at doing anything differently, our property tax levies are set. Our level of services are set in a lot of those things and are well into motion and to make a lot of adjustments is going to be very difficult."

Crookston city administrator Aaron Parrish says if it is approved, the city would be faced with making some major cuts.

Aaron Parrish: "Our services involve people, and there will likely be some level of reduced positions, we will have some reduced staff."

And it's not only workers that could face the chopping block, Parrish says there are projects that would probably have to be put off as well.

Aaron Parrish: "we won't be able to maintain our infastructure in the way that we are expected to maintain that so you may see some decreased funding for street projects in the future."

Parrish says the city hasn't made any decisions yet, but will start to talk about what to do and use the 400-thousand dollar cut as a guideline. The Minnesota legislature will need to take a look at the proposal and approve it before any other cuts are made, and it is possible that they will be less than what is proposed.