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Published April 10, 2013, 08:56 PM

Central's Track Team Stuck Indoors

The Grand Forks Central track team has been forced to practice indoors due to cold weather.

By: Dan Corey, WDAZ

Grand Forks Central senior Killian Gause is sprinting towards warmer weather.

Killian Gause, Central senior sprinter, "I'm very anxious and I can't wait for it to get nice because it's so cold outside."

That cold weather has stuck Gause and his track teammates indoors.

Gause, "It's been tough practicing inside but we're doing all we can to get better and wait until this weather gets warmer outside."

That same message is getting relayed to their coaches.

Sean Allan, Grand Forks Central boys track coach, "A lot of our indoor meets became outdoor meets last year because the weather was so nice but this year, winter just doesn't seem to want to leave."

Teams all throughout the region are having to make adjustments..vaulting over mother natures obstacles.

The frigid weather won't keep these athletes from giving it their best. Activities such as aerobics and swimming have replaced hurdles and sprints. One of the teams favorite indoor activities, watching TV game shows.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games for a team preparing for their first outdoor meet.

Ali Lindsay, Senior Distance Runner, "They really want to get outside, obviously. But they have pretty decent inside quarters for inside sprinting. Coach Poise put together good indoor workouts which is going to help them just as much as outdoor workouts, it just benefits them more to be outside."

A day that can’t come soon enough.

Allan, "As soon as we can be outside, everyone's spirits will go up and the work ethic will even get higher so we're all looking forward to getting outside."