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Published April 19, 2013, 06:58 PM

Albatross has Perfect Cure for "Golf Itch"

Albatross Sports Grill & Golf Club in Grand Forks hosts indoor golfers with golf simulators.

By: Dan Corey, WDAZ

The sound of teeing-off. It's a sound that local golf lovers are craving to hear.

For David Peterson and his trio of friends, golfing is a slice of heaven.

David Peterson, East Grand Forks,"It's our golf crew. We kind of golf all summer and we just tried to get a little jump on it."

And on this cold, blustery spring away from the golf course, a PGA golf simulator is perfect idea to hit away the winter blues.

Andrew Krauseneck, Owner of Albatross Sports Grill and Golf Club, " There is a camera tracking system above the golfer where they're hitting and it tracks the spin, launch angels, club head speed, ball speed, so it gives you really accurate data."

Krausenck is seeing his business boom in just it's first year.

Krauseneck, "I was projecting for it to be very popular right away, it's a new concept, but not this long. I thought maybe through March but I wasn't planning on a really busy April or May, which, I think at least half of May where people are coming in."

And for those wondering how valid it is, well it seems to be right on par.

Peterson, "It seems to be real. It's kind of fun doing different courses and getting the distance takes a few holes."

Krauseneck, "I'm probably the only person in Grand Forks that is actually enjoying the weather. I'm a huge golfer myself so I would like to be out there playing but it definitely doesn't hurt my first year of business to have the snow and the extra cold weather."

Hot or cold, the golfing seems to be consistent.

Peterson, "When were in the woods, in the rough like we normally are, we have troubles finding our ball. Seems like there is no trouble finding the ball here."