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Published February 26, 2010, 03:42 PM

NDSU to Assist with Summit League Application

NDSU Interim-President Hanson will be delivering a contingency plan from UND President Robert Kelley to the Summit League in hopes of still getting into the league.

By: Jen Dame, WDAZ

The interim president of NDSU is closing following UND's efforts to join the Bison in the Summit League.

NDSU Interim-President Richard Hanson says he's disappointed things weren't worked out in time for UND to compete in the 2011-2012 season.

As WDAZ was first to report earlier this week, the Summit League told UND the window had closed to play in 2011.

Hanson says other schools in the area would like to have more local competition...because that would mean less travel and less expense for their teams.

Hanson says the Summit League offers all of that and more.

"I think what you do is you look for a good conference that has its eye on the ball in terms of academics and athletic performance and that isn't so far away and I think the Summit League provides both NDSU and UND and also South Dakota State and even University of South Dakota which is in the same boat UND is in, it gives us competition with a little less travel," says NDSU Interim-President Richard Hanson.

The Summit league has told UND it will not consider its application until there is a resolution to the "fighting Sioux" nickname debate.

Hanson says he will deliver a contingency plan from UND President Robert Kelley to the Summit League presidents. UND is trying to assure that there will be a spot for the school eventually. The State board could vote to retire the nickname as early as next month.