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Published May 16, 2013, 02:37 PM

Racers Prepare For River Cities Opening

After four weeks of inclement weather, River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks is set to open Friday, May 17th.

By: Dan Corey, WDAZ

For a racer there’s no better sound than the roar of an engine.

Veteran speedster Brad Seng lives at the dirt track in the summer months. Seng, who likes to think of his car as his office said, "The only way I can explain it is to anybody is to take your favorite fair ride and be in charge of it."

But that ride has taken a pit stop in the opening weeks of racing season leaving River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks silent.

Manager of River Cities, Darren Evavold, said, "We're a couple weeks behind schedule and we're looking forward to kicking off opening night."

Due to Mother Nature spinning off track, workers are scrambling to get the speedway ready.

"The guys have been working real hard to try and insure a hard surface.”

Insuring plenty of entertainment.

"The promise is you're going to see great race action."

Dan Corey, WDAZ Sports Reporter, "Instead of their hands covering the steering wheel, drivers hands have been covered in grease trying to find any advantage they can find for Friday night."

And with his pride and joy ready to go full throttle, Brad is hoping to pay a visit to victory lane.

Seng, "It's a rush. I just wish that everyone that hasn't had the experience to get in one of these could get in one of them.”