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Published May 29, 2013, 04:20 PM

Meet The President of Spoiler Country

Grafton PA Announcer Chris Larson can be heard at just about all of the Spoiler sporting events.

By: Dan Corey, WDAZ

He’s the president of Spoiler Country and he doesn’t even have to stand up.

Chris Larson, Grafton Spoilers PA Announcer,"I love being known as the president of Spoiler Country."

Chris Larson might be the most powerful voice in Grafton, and if you think being in a wheelchair gets in his way of being part of the team, think again.

Mike Hanson, Grafton Athletic Director, "No matter what you need you can ask Chris and he is always willing to help out."

From basketball to baseball, rain or shine, the voice behind the mic is a familiar one.

Larson, "I feel that's my way of being involved with the athletics is giving in my talent to those sports and a lot of these parents up here know that I'm a multi-sport athlete."

His favorite sport is girls basketball where he’s developed a special relationship with head coach Laurie Sieben.

Laurie Sieben, Grafton girls basketball coach, "There's not anyone that is more disappointed or brokenhearted after a tough loss. He's there for the coaches, he's there for the fans, and number one, he's there for the kids."

Chris was born with Spina Bifida meaning his spine is split.

Larson, "Getting to places is one of the difficulties, getting into things, getting to events."

But that hasn’t stopped the Grafton graduate of 2007 from living his dream.

"It's kind of a second nature to me and something that I hope to be doing in 20-30 years."

And when the dream is all said and done, "I want them to remember being the golden voice of Spoiler Country. Drive home safely and we'll see you later."

Chris is also a technology assistant for the Grafton School District.