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Published June 09, 2013, 09:34 PM

Family of motorcycle crash victim raising money

Friends and family of a Grand Forks Central High School teen who died just weeks ago are raising money in his honor.

Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV) - Friends and family of a Grand Forks Central High School teen who died just weeks ago are raising money in his honor.

Shortly after leaving school May 22nd, 16-year-old McCain Endres died in a motorcycle accident.

Today, his loved ones turn this tragedy into triumph.

Today is Tom and Mary Endres 29th wedding anniversary. They spent it by running a 5K in memory of their youngest son McCain.

Tom Endres, McCain’s Dad: “It's been so devastating to lose our son. It's just hard to put it into words. But then you come out here on a beautiful day like this and you see all these wonderful people that are supporting us and saying nice things, and it really helps us to get through it.”

McCain's brother Taylor describes their tight bond.

Taylor Endres, McCain’s Brother: “We were definitely best buddies. We did everything together. He looked up to me, I looked up to him, kind of kept an eye out on each other.”

Maddysen Hull went to school with McCain and helped organizer today's fundraiser. She says she learned of his death through the morning announcements.

Maddysen Hull, McCain’s Friend: “The whole school was quiet that whole day. It was just terrible, sad.”

Taylor Endres: “It sucks not waking up and seeing him every day. It's tough. I'm still not used to it. It doesn't feel like real life at all yet.”

More than 300 people crossed the finish line here today, raising a couple thousand dollars. They say McCain's memory has inspired them to volunteer more and just be happier and kinder each day, like he was.

Hull: “Our shirts all say be kind because that's what he's known for. He's always smiling and happy and nice to everyone.”

Mary Endres, McCain’s Mom: “That's how he was every day. Every day he'd go to school and it's like ‘Have a great day. I love you. See you when you get home.’”

Tom Endres: “Always smiling.”

McCain's dad says it's the support of an entire community that keeps them going.

Tom Endres: “Some of the best advice is just a moment at a time, a small step at a time, a day at a time, and just stay strong as a family and go out there and let's try to do something positive and keep his memory out there.”

The McCain fund is set up at Gate City Bank. The money is going to the Humane Society where he was a frequent volunteer.