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Published March 02, 2010, 10:15 PM

Olympic Twins Return To Grand Forks

Olympians Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux are back in Grand Forks after winning silver medals at the games in Vancouver.

Olympians Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux are back in Grand Forks after winning silver medals at the games in Vancouver. The Grand Forks natives played on the Women's Hockey team.

Both Monique and Jocelyne say they're best memory from the Olympics was playing in the gold medal game.

The competitive athletes say it was a dream come true, but are already planning for another dream: winning gold instead of silver in four years.

It was quite a site Olympians Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux came home to. Neighbors decorated outside their house to celebrate the twins' performances and winning silver medals.

Inside the house Monique and Jocelyne are reminiscing about their Olympic experience on the women's hockey team.

Jocelyne says, "It was a dream come true. This is what we've been working on for six years."

Monique says, "Individually scoring a hat trick in the semi-final game was probably the best highlight."

While the sisters did spend most of their time focusing on the games, they did get the chance to meet other Olympic athletes, like Shaun White and Apollo Ohno.

"To see how they approach their competition and what they do for a routine the night before and the morning of is great. You can only learn from great athletes,” says Jocelyne.

But out of all the athletes at the games, the twins were most excited to have each other there.

Monique says, "If it would have been one of us there, it would have been very hard. I couldn't even explain to you how different it would have been. We went everywhere together."

Jocelyne says, "Making the Olympics was always our dream. It was never mine or hers."

"Like some of the speed skaters kind of joked around with us-whenever there's one of you, there are two of you. You guys are never apart,” says Monique.

The two had more family supporting them in Vancouver, including their mom.

Linda Lamoureux says, "It's just been a journey to get to that level, and you never know if you're going to get another opportunity, so we kind of looked at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity."

However, Monique and Jocelyn are already planning to make that more than once in a lifetime…but next time turning their silver into gold.

"We're planning on being in Russia, and the goal is the same. It's to go win a gold. The silver is awesome to have. It's motivation for the next four years,” says Jocelyne.

Monique says, "Not many people will ever have the opportunity to compete for a gold medal, and I hope to do that again in four more years, but I got a silver medal. Life's pretty good right now."

You will be seeing more of the twins. The two will be playing for the University of North Dakota next year. They say they're very excited to play for their home-town university.