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Published March 03, 2010, 11:23 PM

Crookston's 104 Year Old Eagle-Rexall Drug Closes

For 104 years Crookston's Eagle-Rexall Drug never stopped being a place where people filled their prescriptions. Until today.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Grover Cleveland was president, and people got around by horse and buggy. The year was 1896, and a drug store opened on the corner of Broadway and 2nd street in Crookston.

While it has changed owners a few times, for 104 years it never stopped being a place where people filled their prescriptions. Until today.

Eagle Rexall didn't open Wednesday morning. The business will be merged with the Thrifty White Drug store just across the street.

Dick Maves. "I have some great memories there, the staffing I've had through the years, the kids that I've brought up through the years working with me, I've enjoyed it very much."

Dick Maves started working at Eagle Rexall in 1972, and a few years later would buy the building and the business.

Maves, works now just part time in the building. He says it's sad to see this piece of history gone.

Dick Maves. "The store has been there, so many people know the store, and they say we are going to miss you and then the corner, the main corner in Crookston, that's what bothers me the most."

S.A. Wallace wallace started the business, years later it was purchased by Eagle, then Maves, who sold it to Thrifty White in 2003. And became an employee of that company. Maves says his is sadden by the move, but is not bitter. And is currently looking for renter, for the next hundred years or so.

Dick Maves. "With a little good luck, pick up the proper renter. Something that will be an asset to Crookston."