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Published March 04, 2010, 05:45 PM

Herald Gun Case Suspect Arrested

The man charged in the Herald shotgun case was arrested last night after a six hour long stand off.

A routine warrant service turned into a 6 hour stand off for Grand Forks Police last night when they tried to arrest 22 year old Philip Manaigre. Police say they tried to talk to Manaigre around 5:30 last night, but he ignored officers and would not come out of his trailer.

Grant Schiller: "They weren't able to establish a dialog, officers knew he was in the residence, but he refused to come to the door, to respond to officers presence, so at that point officers backed off and a negotiations team came into effect.

When the negotiations didn't work, the SWAT team was called to the home in the 2400 block of Estabrook Drive. Police talked to Manaigre the entire time using a bull horn, but he never responded.

Grant Schiller: "After a certain point in time, the swat team expended what's called a light sound diversion device, which makes a loud noise to let him know that we are here and that we are serious about a resolution.

But the flash-bang didn't work and Police had to try another tactic. They shot beanbag rounds through his windows.

Grant Schiller: "To break his cocoon of security if you will, a demonstration that we need to resolve this thing as quickly and as peacefully as we can.

But even that didn't bring Manaigre out of his home. Police then used several rounds of gas to try to get him to come out, but still Manaigre stayed holed up. Police finally broke down the door.

Grant Schiller: "Once the door was breached, the suspect was standing in the entry way and he complied with officers orders and was taken into custody without incident and without injury.

Police say they don't know how Manaigre was able to deal with all the SWAT tactics.

Grant Schiller: "Its amazing he hung on as long as he did."

Manaigre was taken to Altru before being booked at the Grand Forks County Jail. He made his first appearance in court today, he is charged with illegal possession of a firearm and disorderly conduct.

According to court documents Manaigre has a previous conviction for firing a gun in a building in 2007 and is not allowed to own any dangerous weapons. Manaigre told police earlier this week that he brought the gun to the Herald building, where he used to work as a contracted janitor, because he felt he needed it for self protection. He was fired from that job in December and did not retrieve the gun. In court today bond was set at 3-thousand dollars.

Nancy Yon: "as the court can see from the criminal information and his contact card, he does have a prior conviction for reckless endangerment in which he possessed a weapon, that makes this a C felony your honor."

Manaigre could face other charges for the standoff last night.

He will be back in court again in April.