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Published July 29, 2013, 06:37 PM

Former UND Players, Coaches Remember The Old Ralph

Demolition of the Old Ralph started Monday, leaving many remembering the good times at the arena.

By: Dan Corey, WDAZ

They are sounds that echo through North Dakota hockey history and they came from the Old Ralph Englestad Arena.

Those cheers were replaced today, as the 2 million dollar arena built in 1972 started its deconstruction process.

Jim Scanlan, "It just brings back a lot of memories and that's just all the great people you worked with. All the great people of the Fighting Sioux hockey program."

For Scanlan, who was a UND assistant coach at the old arena, it was bittersweet watching from afar bringing back memories.

And for the former players where five national championships were earned, it will forever stand.

Brad Berry, former UND player and coach, "It's a lot of good memories going through here as a player and as a coach and it's part of history and tradition in our culture and it will always be remembered even though it is getting torn down. We will always remember it being a special place in our life."

Among those who came out to pay their respects to the Old Ralph, those who worked and played in the arena, and those who never did.

Stephane Pattyn, UND junior, "It's a big part of the tradition of our hockey program and to see it go down is a sad day for the Sioux family."

That family includes Kathy McCann, who served as assistant athletic director for facilities for 17 years.

McCann, "The part they're tearing down now, just wonderful memories in that part, up in the loft and of course, going over and giving the coaches a little grief in their offices."

Despite giving way to a new indoor practice facility, The Old Ralph will go down as one of the best college hockey arenas ever.

Scanlan, "I think Virge Foss nailed it on the head when he said the atmosphere in there was second to none. It was just incredible."