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Published August 20, 2013, 07:59 PM

Grand Forks parents rescue toddler from pond

Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV)-- Some quick thinking, CPR, and a spunky little boy made for a dramatic rescue in the front yard of a Grand Forks home.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY-TV

Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV)-- Some quick thinking, CPR, and a spunky little boy made for a dramatic rescue in the front yard of a Grand Forks home.

Chell Kindseth is just 17-months old, and he's back to his normal self after falling into a decorative water pond. When his parents found him, Chell was not breathing.

Chell Kindseth is right at home in his perfect world of the family playground today, surrounded by his three adorable sisters. Quite unaware of all the fuss that has surrounded him the last 72 hours.

Lucas Kindseth- Kjell's Dad: "I jumped into the pond and removed him from her and ran down to the edge of the street."

On Saturday, Chell was playing outside with his sisters. Parents Lucas and Gretchen had taken two minutes to move a piece of furniture inside the house when 10 year old daughter Silyah screamed for help. She instantly came to the pond and that is where she found him. Chell had fallen into the pond and was floating.

Gretchen Kindseth- Kjell's Mom: "I could see that he was wet and blue and that he was not moving and limp, so it wasn't a good thing and he was not crying or moving or doing anything so I knew it was bad."

Silyah knew enough to called 911.

Silje Kindseth- Kjell's Sister: "We learned about it in school a lot so I went inside and I called."

Everything after that is a blurr, but Chell's parents.

Dad: "Gretchen was working the top section--his lungs and I was working compressions."

Began doing everything possible to save their son, including CPR.

Mom: "A split second of panic, screaming and crying and whatever but it was brief but he handed Kjell to me and I turned around and put him on the ground."

Dad: "When you see him crying and that first sputter, you are like, oh, a response."

Paramedics rushed Kjell to Altru's ER and three doctors decided to life flight Kjell to Fargo's Sanford Pediatric ICU. The parents knew he was coming around when after landing in Fargo, he looked up and said, all done.

Mom: "I am kind of scenario runner and so I was good in the moment and traumatic part now I think what if this had happened or that had happened. What could have I done differently."

Neighbors went ahead and drained the water feature it will be filled in with dirt.

"It is just not worth the risk to us anymore."

And today, the couple, who moved here recently from Moorhead, is glad that both of them have worked places that required CPR certification.

Mom: "You always wonder if you will know what to do when the time comes, but you do."

Dad: "You always instinctively hope it comes to you when you need it, and it is ingrained deep enough and you can separate your emotional response from what you need to do at that time."

Chell has completely recovered eyes that would not open and limbs that would not move shortly after the trauma, now work fine, and by the looks of playtime with sisters. Chell is back to being a toddler nearly two.

"We are amazingly blessed."

The father, Lucas, says he is just now getting his voice back. He lost it after yelling for help and hollering for neighbors to call 911.