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Published March 09, 2010, 07:09 PM

Roseau East Diversion Flood Project Millions Over Budget?

Ten million dollars, that's how much the he final phases of Roseau's flood protection may be over budget. A new estimate says The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be much more expensive then orginally thought.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Construction continues on Roseau's permanent flood protection project. Over the last eight years they have built a new pump station and a diversion ditch to the west of the city.

Todd Peterson:" The final phase that we have left is Ultimately taking the city out to the 100 year flood plain project. Which is done by the Corps Of Engineers and that's the east diversion project. "

That part of the Project was originally estimated, by a Corps feasibility study to cost just under 30-million dollars. But a recent consultant found the price tag could be much bigger. 10-million dollars bigger.

Peterson: "Some of the assumptions that were made in the feasibility study didn't hold true once they got out here on the ground. And that has increased the price of the project."

Roseau Community Development Director Todd Peterson does not think the 10 million dollar difference should push back the project's scheduled 2012 completion date. But he says if there was ever a good time to be over budget, it might be now.

Peterson : "Talking with the Corps, they hope some of these other stimulus are funds available, that are not being used on other projects. If this project is ready to go we should be able to take advantage of this, we'll be looking for them."

Peterson says they will have a better idea of what the real cost of the east diversion project will be when the bids start to come in.