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Published March 10, 2010, 04:37 PM

Grand Forks Starts Spring Clean Up by Clearing Storm Drains

The city of Grand Forks is starting its spring clean up by clearing the snow and ice from storm drains to try to get some of the melting snow off the roads.

Grand Forks city workers are trying to clear storm drains to get melting snow and water run-off off the roads. City officials say... because of backed-up drains... The big puddles can cause problems for drivers.

Mark Aubol: "At 40 miles an hour when you hit that water, that can be a serious situation with water flying, hitting the opposite driver next to you or even putting your car into a hydroplane."

The city is trying to get the storm drains cleared as fast as they can... but even if they clean out a drain one day... its possible that the weather will get cold during the night and the drain will ice up.

Mark Aubol: "As we open one up it can freeze up again overnight. So we are back at it again, some of them once you get them open they stay open, but there's never any guarantee that that is going to be the case."

In addition to trying to get the water off the roads, workers will also be clearing snow from the floodwalls to prepare for the possibility of flooding.

Mark Aubol: "When we want to put the walls in its ready to go and hopefully we won't have to fight a snow storm when we put floodwalls in but that's always a possibility."

Once the snow is gone and the weather starts to warm up, the street department will be busy fixing and painting roads.