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Published March 10, 2010, 09:40 PM

Fosston Students Celebrate Chuck Norris' Birthday

Students in Fosston, MN celebrated the 70th birthday of actor Chuck Norris today.

By: Terry Dullum, WDAZ

It's Chuck Norris' 70th birthday today...and that was reason to celebrate in Fosston today.

8th-graders Christian Landsverk and Caleb Curfman made sure of that.

Since January, they've been planning today's celebration which included creating and selling more than 160 "Happy 70th Birthday Chuck Norris" t-shirts to their classmates, the school's faulty and administration.

Students gathered in the school gym for cake and group photos and to show off a few round-house kicks.

We'll have more the celebration on the Dullum File Friday on W-D-A-Z News at 6.