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Published March 11, 2010, 04:17 PM

The Ralph Prepares for Sioux-Gopher Weekend

Tomorrow starts an intense weekend for hockey in Grand Forks. The University of Minnesota is coming to town to play the Sioux and the winner of the three game series will advance. And Ralph administration is getting ready for a wild crowd.

Its one of the most intense rivalries in the league... the Minnesota Gophers and the UND Fighting Sioux hockey teams meeting on the ice. And as heated at the competition gets between players... its just as passionate with the fans.

Heath Legge: "It's becoming more of a ritual instead of just behavior, like the whole dead gopher thing, they always bring those."

But after the last Gopher-Sioux game the Ralph looked at their fan code of conduct because some people said fans got out of hand.

Chris Semrau: "Last October's Gopher-Sioux series, everything was heightened and a little more intense, so we are reviewing that event to make sure we can correct things that maybe weren't pleasant, and make sure its a positive experience for everyone."

Some UND students say they see the point of the fan code of conduct...

Heath Legge: "I guess if we went to Minnesota, they probably wouldn't do that so we probably shouldn't do that anymore."

And others say students getting a little rowdy is fine, as long as no one crosses the line and people end up injured.

Jessica Helfenstein: "I think as long as people aren't getting hurt I don't think its a huge issue, because I think it just kind of goes along with the rivalry and as long as people aren't being physically hurt, I think its fine."

The Ralph says they review behavior after the games and try to put together a plan to make each game enjoyable for everyone. They say this weekend will be very busy, but they are hoping that fans will follow the code of conduct. The Ralph says they want everyone to wear white to the games and they will be handing out hankies before the game. The texting and calling lines will be open to report rowdy fan behavior in the arena.