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Published March 11, 2010, 08:12 PM

George Widman Day: Candymaker Still "Chipper" At 90

Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown has declared Friday "George Widman Day" in Grand Forks after the long-time candy-making businessman. Widman celebrates his 90th birthday Friday.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown has declared Friday

"George Widman Day" in Grand Forks.

If the name has a sweet sound to it, it's because he has owned Grand Forks' most popular candy shop, "Widman's Candy" for over 50 years.

Widman will celebrate his 90th birthday Friday.

He still works part time making candy in his store located downtown.

At 90-years young George Widman still does what he does best, satisfying sweet tooths.

George Widman: "You want a sample? "

George started his business, "Widman's Candy," in 1949 in downtown Grand Forks.

George Widman: "Been in this location since 1955."

But his candy crafting actually started much early in Crookston. Where his dad started a store.

George Widman: "Crookston was a boomtown at that time in the 1900s, when the got married and that's how it started."

George would work for his dad and learn the trade of treats. But it wasn't all sugar-coated.

George Widman : "I had to scrub the floor and everything else. Learned the business from the bottom up."

After college and serving in World War II, George and his wife would open their own candy store in Grand Forks. A half century has now passed, but George and his rich recipes have stood the test of time.

George: "Right now I have five chocolate dippers with machines, everybody has a machine. Now it's all together different."

George might be most famous for his confection, the chocolate covered potato chip. Most know it as simply the "chipper."

George Widman: "It's so phenomenal, It surprised me."

Widman says he more less stumbled on the chipper, because of his devotion to dipping.

We chocolate cover everything... olives, pickles, jalepenos.

Some of Widman's kid have followed in his sugary steps, in fact George junior took over the very Crookston store he started in.

George Jr.: "He told all of us to go to school, get a degree and don't go into the candy business. Well half of his kids ended up in the candy business."

But that might not have been a bad career move, considering that their dad doesn't seem to have too many regrets on his birthday.

George Widman: "We get up at 6:30 every morning, don't ask me why, because it's not money or anything else. We enjoy it. Enjoy the people, we love all the people who work for us."