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Published March 12, 2010, 10:10 PM

Red Lake Falls Sixth Grader Urinates On A Second Grade Student

A Red Lake Falls second grader was humiliated by an older student earlier this week,when he says this student urinated on him.

A Red Lake Falls second grader was humiliated by an older student earlier this week,when he says this student urinated on him.

On Tuesday afternoon at J-A Hughes Elementary School, a sixth grader urinated on the second grader's stomach. The victim's mother says there was no action taken.

The parents of a second grade student at J-A Hughes Elementary School say their son was bullied by a sixth grader in the school bathroom on Tuesday afternoon. They say the student continued his bulling by urinating of their son. They say their son told his teacher, but there was no action taken.

Sheila Olberg/Second Graders Mother: "She brought in two sixth grade boys that were not involved and asked my son, and tell what happened. I couldn't imagine being a second grader in front of two sixth graders after this just happened and being questioned in front of them. She embarrassed him and sent him back to class. She didn't wash him, didn't comfort him, did not contact his mother, did not call the police and did not protect him."

WDAZ talked with Red Lake School District superintendent Joel Young, and he says the district dealt with the matter according to school policy and the state law. Young also says incidents like bulling are handled internally.

Joel Young/Red Lake School Districts Superintendent: " In most cases bullying is taken care of at the principal level. Our two principals, one at the high school and one at the elementary school, they do a great job with that."

The eight year old second grade student is currently out of school because he is terrified of going back.

Brandeis Olberg/Father of Second Grader: "He has his pants down peeing on his stomach. I mean that's kind of shocking. If it happened to any one of us, and he is in second grade, and these sixth grade boys pick on him, and of course he is scared."

The Olberg family is looking for some type of punishment and closure to this situation, because they say the sheriff's department and the school district are doing nothing about this situation. They say they don't want to see this kind of bullying simply be dismissed.

Sheila Olberg/Second Graders Mother: "Bullying... what's next? Who is the next little kid that gets victimized and it gets pushed under the table because of what ever reason?"

The Olbergs have taken both of their children out of the school system and they are considering home schooling for the rest of the year.