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Published March 14, 2010, 06:12 PM

Northwood Mills Is Planning To Reopen

A Northwood business is trying to reopen its doors.

A Northwood business is trying to reopen its doors, but the process of reopening the Northwood Mills plant is not going smoothly so far. So what does it mean for the city of Northwood if it does reopen?

Owners of Northwood's Canola plant, Northwood Mills, would like to reopen its doors for business. The North Dakota's Public Service Commission is considering issuing the plant a new grain warehouse license. The plant left more than 8-hundred thousand dollars in unpaid bills...but having this plant reopen would mean a lot to the Northwood community.

Rick Johnson/Northwood Mayor: "Northwood would definitely like to see the plant reopened, whether it be under new management or the same management. They've got their problems to work out, but we would certainly like to see it reopened."

Having this plant up and running would spark economic growth as well as bring new people to the community.

Rick Johnson/Northwood Mayor: "If it was open I could see Northwood as productive or a town looking forward and and maybe come here and live and find other jobs."

Mayor Johnson says reopening this plant will make way for Northwood's new industrial park and also boost the economy.

Rick Johnson/Northwood Mayor: "I'm sure when they closed they were close to having 20 people employed and naturally those people spend money in town and they buy fuel and groceries and parts service, so it would mean a lot to our community."

The Commission is asking for a budget outline to prevent any future money problems, but Johnson says the town is proud of the plants accomplishments so far.

Rick Johnson/Northwood Mayor: " I know that there has been a lot of behind the scenes effort from these people to get it going or get it to open and Northwood appreciates those efforts and hope it all works out for them."

Mayor Johnson says although the plant will have its good and bad points,he is hopeful it will reopen.