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Published March 15, 2010, 09:51 PM

Crookston Watches Ice Jams

Crookston city leaders say they are on high alert, but think this years flood will end up being an easy fight.

sheet of ice on the Red Lake River at Crookston is what has the attention of city leaders here.

Dave Genereux: "If that breaks up we are still at high alert so to speak."

Crookston Mayor Dave Genereux says there is still a lot of ice on the river and it could lead to problems if the river gets backed up behind it.

Dave Genereux: "Right now we have broken up ice from Gentilly all the way through Crookston. In Crookston we have one solid chunk of ice along our Riverside Avenue."

That's why the city called for help sandbagging that area on Sunday.

Dave Genereux: "We did a little sandbagging yesterday, just preliminary type stuff just to make sure. Those were the absolute lowest diked areas so those are taken care of."

Genereux says he thinks the city is well protected and this year will be an easy flood fight.

Dave Genereux: "We've got somewhere around four to five feet of freeboard so the river could go up another five feet and we think we would be just fine."

The Red Lake River at Crookston is on the decline now after reaching 24.05 feet early this morning, but city leaders say that could just be the first crest.