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Published October 04, 2013, 08:58 AM

Michael Brown, Grand Forks, N.D. letter: Ice arena project shows GF at its best

Mayor Michael Brown writes in about the new Ice Arena project.

By: Michael Brown, Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS — A very strong case has been made to support the Legends and Heroes Ice Arena project spearheaded by the Grand Forks Park District.

I am joining this growing cast of supporters and urge Herald readers to do the same.

The prime reason: The Legends and Heroes Ice Arena project will increase the number of visitors and the economic activity in our Destination City. It will bring in more teams to enjoy our community while at the same time letting many of our resident hockey families spend more weekends at home.

I also recognize that this argument of a positive return is only valid if the initial investments and management are economically sound. Thankfully, with this project there is precedent of success. Choice Health and Fitness’ sound strategy, solid business plan and well-managed operation exemplify a positive public-private partnership, and the wellness center’s leaders are many of the same who are moving the Legends and Heroes project forward. We can trust it will be a good project.

Last but not least (and important from a “10,000 foot level”), this project supports the Grand Forks Promise: Providing opportunities to grow. In this case, our young people, our recreational programs and our tourist-related industries all have the potential to grow and strengthen.

And economics aside, the project supports the Grand Forks Promise Pillars of “Commitment to Young People” and “Healthy and Recreational Opportunities.”

In short, Legends and Heroes represents the chance to invest in exactly the type of social and economic benefits that best serve our community.

Michael Brown

Brown is mayor of Grand Forks.