WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published October 09, 2013, 06:11 PM

Small Towns: Lancaster, MN

Homecoming can be the highlight of high school for some students, but for one, it's an opportunity that sets her apart from the boys.

By: Cynthia Johnson, WDAZ

It's homecoming at Lancaster High School and the upperclassmen are busy decorating the school. With only nine students in the senior class, one stands out. Abby Jerome is the only senior who's a girl, and this year's homecoming queen. Being the only girl in the class, you'd think she'd win by default, but they still had a secret ballot vote.

"It's a really big honor," said Abby. "I was very excited even though I knew it was going to happen but you know when you just place the crown on your head you're just like 'Oh!' You know it's just a whole new feeling."

Some of her classmates say even if she had to compete with 100 other girls, Abby is clearly a winner.

James- "We actually gave her a drum roll like there was actually somebody else competing but we all knew who the winner was going to be so we just had fun with it," said senior James Bowlin.

"They said 'should our moms stand up there with you for some competition?' - you know, just playful teasing," Abby said.

Abby says she tries to give the boys a little insight on the girl world when she can.

Abby: "Our English teacher asked a question about what girls see in the media the other day. The boys didn't understand. I was the only one who could answer it so they were all just perplexed like how do you know that?"

Kristi Steen, Abby's English teacher, says "Abby is a great girl. She's driven, she's very motivated, she's focused, she's kind, big hearted. Involved in everything,"

Abby is not your stereotypical homecoming queen. She's played football with her classmates, and plays basketball and volleyball.

"I'm on the dance team, I'm on the National Honor Society and the Target team which is against bullying, drugs and alcohol. I've pretty much, anything you can imagine I try to get involved and I like staying busy," says Abby.

Tea, Abby's sister, says "It's fun to watch her go through these things and hopefully I can fill in the big shoes but it's fun to watch her do it and it helps me follow the right path."

Abby says she loves the small town of Lancaster, and loves her small class size.

"It's like we're a family. I kind of mother them like I'm the big sister and they're all my brothers. And it's a great feeling," Abby said.

Nat- Congratulations king and queen and thank you to all of our homecoming court for a wonderful fun filled week

This is not Abby's first crown. She's competed in pageants since she was nine and she won Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen in 2011. She says she might consider entering another pageant in the future.