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Published March 17, 2010, 08:09 PM

GF Emergency Operations Center Opens

With the river rising above 41 feet today, Grand Forks opened the Emergency Operations Center.

With the warm weather melting more snow, more county roads are falling victim to overland flooding.

John Bernstrom: "We get notifications from the county highway department alerting us of road closures and then we update our maps so people are aware of road closures."

The Grand Forks Emergency Operations Center opened today and is taking calls from people dealing with flooding. Officials say the center is a one stop shop for people who have flooding issues.

John Bernstrom: "Just in case something were to happen we have social services here, we have police department, we have fire department, we have county sheriff, we have public info, we have health department all in the same room so if there is any questions we can answer them."

But so far things have been calm at the EOC.

John Bernstrom: "so far it has been fairly quiet, but we are here and ready in case things need to get ramped up."

Officials say the EOC will stay open for as long as it is needed. Right now the EOC is open from 8 to 8 every day, but could be staffed 24 hours if the flooding gets worse.