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Published March 18, 2010, 03:24 PM

Floodwaters Fill Streets of Minto

The city of Minto has floodwaters in its streets. The Forest River at Minto was at 8.25 feet as of Thursday night. Flood stage at Minto is 6 feet.

The Forest River is starting to cause flood damage in Minto. People in the area are trapped by water that is filling the streets of the Walsh County town.

The people of Minto are desperately working to keep homes from flooding. Volunteers have been sandbagging for the last two days and they hope the river will stop rising this weekend.

Streets look like forks of the river and homes like small islands as the Forest River moves out of its banks. People were preparing for flooding, but the water came early.

Sam Shutt/Minto Public Works: "For the most part one basement is flooded and there is getting to be some ground seepage in other basements so for the most part everybody is still doing good their pumps are keeping up."

More than 2,000 sandbags have been filled since the sandbag operation started up Wednesday. As those bags help to keep homes dry, credit goes to some unlikely volunteers. High school students in town provided the man-power.

James Lobsinger/Fighting Flood: "The town get really nervous because there isn't a lot of , all the help in volunteer like any flood but with out these kids we would be just completely lost."

The rising water has some people trapped in their homes...but their needs are being met.

Sam Shutt/Minto Public Works: "They have our contact numbers and if they need anything we have been able to shuttle them down what ever they need."

The water is being held up down river because of an ice jam at the railroad bridge. The actual crest of the river is not supposed to come until Friday night.

Sam Shutt/Minto Public Works: "We are hoping for some really cold weather coming up, to slow this down so the water keeps flowing through and won't be coming up to much higher."

The water is projected to raise to 9 feet in the next couple of days.