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Published November 14, 2013, 08:03 PM

Fargo man recovering from ATV accident at Denver rehab center

Denver, CO (WDAY TV) - The story of determination and unmatched will power from a Fargo man recovering from a life changing ATV accident last summer.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

Denver, CO (WDAY TV) - The story of determination and unmatched will power from a Fargo man recovering from a life changing ATV accident last summer.

44-year-old Jason Larkin, father of three, is continuing his rehabilitation at “Craig Hospital” in Denver.

It specializes in spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

"12-people " from North Dakota this past month have been hospitalized there.

It is yet another magnificent mountain morning in Denver, and at the world renowned Craig Hospital, Jason Larkin is preparing for another exhausting,

“Good morning, how we doing today?”

focused day of therapy.

Driving all right, we are going to try the tilt table today.

The healing takes a lot of time, you have to be patient.

That is the tilt table

This corporate executive of the Solid Comfort Company has been at Craig Hospital here in Denver,

“I am going to strap you in all Hannibal Lector style.”

as his incredible rehab journey continues.

It will be fine.

Jason Larkin/Recovering at Craig Hospital: “I keep thinking when I get home will I be able to take care of myself so my wife can go back to work and it is lot of unknowns.”

Your position in the chair looks good.

Jason's physical therapists get excited at any progress made.

Just the achievements, and little strides you make, the see and feel it and they get excited.

Okay, up and up.

This after a split second accident involving an ATV changed life as he knew it.

Immediately, I knew I broke my back, I could not feel my legs or my arms.

Despite wearing a helmet and seat belt, the roof pushed me into the steering wheel, the top of the buggy came down, crushing him, paralyzing him.

No leg movement yet or hand or finger.

A C4 incomplete injury.

While he has no use of his legs or hands,

I want you to push your elbow into my hand.

He is able to use his shoulders and biceps.

There you go, pull it back in, Baby steps, you see, are big steps.

Good take a rest.

Ever since his September accident, his family and friends, have been with him 24/7. In Fargo and here in Denver.

It is, it is really an eye opener.

His mother, brother, friends all come to visit and help.

Wayne McArthur/Jason’s Friend: “It is awesome to see him working, tough to see. But not surprised.”

Amazed at his perseverance and spirit, despite all that stands in Jason's way right now.

Barb Larkin/Jason’s Mom: “It means it is tremendous, every day we see a win, we refer to them as wins, we remind him, and ask Jason what did you see today, what was your win today.”

And when she is not in Denver, Jason's wife Callie is back in Fargo with the kids.

Trying to find that balance of normalcy in a very chaotic situation right now.

Callie Larkin/Jason’s Wife: “We are doing extremely well, it will be a long road, but.”

They are getting you down on the mats.

Jason has even found a mentor, 40-year-old Jay LaPointe of Denver.

Injured 9 years ago, he suffered a similar spinal injury. He walks today, and meets with Jason to be that "I’ve been there, cheerleader."

Jay LaPointe/Mentor for Jason: “It will get there, time and tenacity.”

As night falls in Denver, we learn from Jason, these are the toughest times of the day

For me, the hardest part of the day is going to bed. Thinking of my family and my kids.

He is not home. He looks at pictures on the ceiling of his family.

Or the many posters, boxes of cards, signed by Team Larkin back in Fargo.

It is amazing how many people care.

Having Jason's determination and courage to face every day is my peace of mind.

Hundreds of people hopping on the healing bandwagon.

He has always been competitive, and now more than ever, Jason knows it’s time for the never give up attitude, to carry him through the tough days ahead.

Just taking it day by day.