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Published November 20, 2013, 06:45 PM

Small Towns: Gilby, ND

Painting a giant mural outside can be quite the task, especially when it takes two years to complete.

By: Cynthia Johnson, WDAZ

Painting a giant mural outside can be quite the task, especially when it takes two years to complete.

But one artist in Gilby, North Dakota created a piece of work that's big enough for the whole town to see.

The idea for this 6 by 20 foot mural painted on the fence of Stacie Wills' backyard started at work.

"I happened to see a few little sketchings of flowers Jasie had drawn on the break room table at work and I asked if she'd be interested in doing something like this and of course she was excited to see a big mural like that and we just went from there. I didn't know anyone else who I would have wanted to do it," said Stacie.

Stacie's coworker Jasie says she usually paints portraits, but accepted the challenge to create her first major mural.

"When she came to me wanting flowers, I was like oh well it's flowers, I can do that so I thought it would be just a good learning experience for me," Jasie said.

After working on the mural twice a week, during the summer months, for two years, Jasie finished the piece in September. Stacie wanted the mural to feel like anyone could walk into the garden.

Stacie: "There was a lot of artistic freedom. I kind of gave her some ideas of what flowers I liked. I did mention the park bench and maybe a bird bath and I just let her go from there."

Jasie: "She was really lenient about what I could do so that's like an artist's dream is just to have that client telling you oh yea sure do whatever you want."

Jacie says despite the North Dakota winter, this mural was made to last.

Jacie: "I definitely put a sealer on there with UV protection. I was about half done after last summer, and after last winter it survived really well so I don't think it will deteriorate for a really long time but if it does I could always come back and fix it up for her>"

Stacie says her neighbors love being able to see the mural.

Stacie: "We love it. I love it. I don't have a green thumb but I wanted some kind of flowers. I was originally going to do it on the inside of the fence so I could look at it, but I thought I want everyone else to enjoy it too so we did it on the outside, and we've gotten really good feedback from everyone in town. Everyone seems to love it as much as we do!"

Jacie: "For me it will never be done, I mean I could always go back and work at it, but there comes a point where it's like OK I'm happy with it and as long as Stacie's happy with it, I'm cool with it."

Jacie says she'd love to paint another mural that size, but as the temperature continues to drop, she'd prefer it be inside.