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Published December 04, 2013, 11:15 AM

Grand Forks woman injured by snowblower

A 54-year-old woman received severe injuries to her leg after it was pulled into a snowblower.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

A Grand Forks woman's foot was run over by a snow blower Wednesday morning. The accident happened at 10 AM near Circle Drive North.

A 54 year old women was found with her left leg caught in a snow blower.

Paramedics were able to extract the women's leg by cutting some of the metal blades. A preliminary investigation indicates the woman's husband was snow blowing when the her pant leg got caught in the blades and pulled her leg in.

Grand Forks Police Sgt. Kevin Kallinen said, "We are always told to be very careful around snow blowers, but it appears that the pant leg might have gotten caught in the blade of the snow blower and pulled her leg in."

The woman was transported to Altru Hospital with severe injuries to her leg.