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Published March 24, 2010, 10:52 PM

Rising Water Outlook Closes Bridge In Pembina

Every year the water charges up the banks and over whelms the bridge leading to South Pembina.

Pembina is one of the lowest areas in North Dakota when it comes to the Red and Pembina Rivers. Every year the water charges up the banks and over whelms the bridge leading to South Pembina.

The Pembina River is just over 46.4 feet above flood stage.The seven day outlook is a river level of 51 to 52 feet the middle of next week and it could go higher after that. City officials say that they prepare like every year and there is nothing they are worried about as the water rises.

The city of Pembina is placing the final touches on its flood walls as the town prepares for the water to rise to around 52 feet. Public Works Director Ken Norby has 20 years of experience with flood fighting and he says that's no big deal.

Kan Norby/Pembina Public Works:"Everybody gets prepared for it you never really want to let your guard down but you kind of get used to it. Everybody gets ready and doing their thing. You hope for the best and plan for the worst."

With their permanent dike in place they don't have much to prepare for except this low lying bridge. So far they have filled in the east side of the bridge with a mound of sand and are planning to place the dike closure in front of the bridge.

Kan Norby/Pembina Public Works:"There are two people that live over there so they have to move out or leave for that duration so losing this bridge outside recreation isn't a lot. "

Pembina does have some issues with fire protection for south pembina but Norby says its something they deal with every year and they will stay on their toes because anything can happen.

Kan Norby/Pembina Public Works:"You always have to be vigilante I mean anything can happen. Like now when we put the closure in water gets to 40 or 50 feet then we will be starting our dike patrols."

This year Pembina is projected to reach a record year in flooding, but the city is confident that their town will stay dry.