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Published December 12, 2013, 10:15 PM

Chucking The Controller For Coaching

A University of North Dakota football coaching applicant has gone viral after his resume took to the web.

By: Dan Corey, WDAZ

Brian Faison, “Each candidate will bring stronger components versus another candidate. We just need to find the best fit for North Dakota.”

When UND athletic director Brian Faison opened up the football head coaching job on November 18th, he knew he would get applicants. But a resume as good as this?

"Multiple national championships?"

"Over 900 yards a game?"

Sounds too good to be true right? It might have you asking, is this for real?

You bet it is. And it comes from the former equipment worker of Marshall University and video game guru Chris McComas.

“I maybe hoped that the North Dakota people and in athletics say, ‘Hey, this is funny, you made our day. But I actually haven’t heard from them. It’s been everybody else.”

Instead of choosing his next play on NCAA football, McComas drew up a power point presentation tabbed “The Future Of North Dakota” and it went viral after an article on the Madden Magician was published in The Grand Forks Herald.

But instead of worrying about blocking schemes like other coaching applicants, Chris McComas has one coaching philosophy, chucking the pigskin.”

McComas, “My phrase is ‘Chuck The Pigskin”

That’s right. Chuck the pigskin, even on fourth down.

Andy Pedersen, UND student, "I think it’s amazing. It’s the coolest thing ever. I probably would to see what happens in the first year.”

Robby Dockry, UND student, "You know what, if it gets the fans at the stadium, sure. Yea, he will draw a crowd right?”

Certainly, it will be a Hail Mary for McComas to actually get hired. But the man who even got a compliment from John Madden says the job is not for him.

“I’m not interested in coaching, their hours are beyond ridiculous. That’s not my lifestyle.”

I guess he will have to stick to chucking his controller after a loss in Madden. Not that he would ever lose.