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Published March 27, 2010, 06:34 PM

Grafton Is Looking For New Businesses And Employees

Most small towns in the area are losing qualified workers along with general homeowners.

Most small towns in the area are losing qualified workers along with general homeowners. One group is looking to bring in new businesses and new employees to help Grafton, Park River, and Cavalier grow.

Homeowners in Grafton, Park River, and Cavalier have met with the North Dakota Department of Commerce to find ways to bring new businesses and employees to their communities. Grafton group members say a low workforce is keeping some companies in the town from growing.

Mona Sticha/ "Lens Group": "The limited workforce keeps us from expanding our services, there are a lot of people out there that are in need of our services, and we can't accept all the referrals because we have no workers."

JoAnn Lizakowski/ "Lens Group": " To get good qualified applicants have been kind of a struggle for us the last year."

With less jobs opening up in the bigger cities, smaller towns like Grafton have plenty of jobs to offer starting from entry level to upper management.

Mona Sticha/ "Lens Group": " We have a lot of entry level positions open; we have a lower turnover in some of the professional roles so even promoting the region as a great place to start a business that can bring people in."

Mona Sticha is one of the members of "Lens." "Lens" stands for Learning, Experiencing, Exploring, Networking, Strategizing and sharing. The group is focusing on employment in the area. Members say bringing in new employees means the cities need to get up to date with new technology to find that perfect candidate.

Mary Beth Wilson/Lens Member: "There was a great mix of people from many generations so when sarah started talking about things like Facebook and we could use twitter I saw people thinking wow I never thought about that. So, its bring many peoples social connections together."

The "Lens" Group plans to meet in May to continue its plans for growth in their community. The Grafton area is the only area to continue with this line of programming after its first meeting.