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Published January 06, 2014, 12:14 PM

Fire destroys Devils Lake grain elevator (w/ video)

Fire destroyed Dakota Dry Bean, an elevator located along College Drive in Devils Lake, last night.

By: Kevin Bonham, Grand Forks Herald

Fire destroyed Dakota Dry Bean, an elevator located along College Drive in Devils Lake Sunday night.

About 65 firefighters responded to the 8 p.m. alarm at the former Peavey elevator, but they could not save the structure as they battled frigid temperatures and life-threatening wind chill.

A firefighter on duty spotted the fire, according to Devils Lake Fire Chief Jim Moe.

“We responded immediately. We made an attempt to get inside, but it was already too dangerous,” he said. “So I pulled them out and we let it burn down to a safe level.”

The fire was still burning this morning, but at a manageable level, he said. A North Dakota state fire marshal is in Devils Lake. Moe said they hope to get inside later today to try to determine a cause.

While a total of 65 firefighters from Devils Lake and Devils Lake Rural fire departments battled the blaze at its peak, the fire now is being contained by crews of 15, which are being rotated every couple of hours, according to Moe.

Two firefighters were treated for frostbite and another two were injured in falls, according to Moe.

“We’re fighting extreme cold and frost. Hydraulics are freezing up,” he said. “We’re trying to make sure everybody stays safe.

The fire is believed to have started about midway up the elevator, which is about 90 feet tall, according to Moe. The elevator is located only about 300 feet north of the Devils Lake Fire Department headquarters.

“We got it burned down a little bit at a time,” he said.