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Published March 29, 2010, 08:07 PM

Roseau School's Budget Woes

Many Minnesota schools are having to make budget cuts. Roseau schools are having to reduce staff because of the state's budget deficit.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

For Roseau schools 400-thousand dollars in cuts is the target. High School principal Terry Gotziaman say they are close to that number. But it will mean shifting around teachers and classes, and reducing staff.

Terry Gotziaman/ H.S. Principal : "One elementary position how that will be reshuffle they haven't decided that. "

That will save the district about 47-thousand dollars. Chair of the school board Stuart McFarlane says this is the first time the district has had to cut a full-time position.

Stuart McFarlane/ School Board Chair : "We have had to make some major cuts the last number of years. But this year there is some personnel affected. It hurts a little more when you have to lay people off."

At the High School level 9 class hours will be cut in the areas of business administration, and language classes. Hours will be reduced for many part-time teachers. Until things improve in the Minnesota's budget, Roseau schools will look for ways to raise money, possibly through a referendum.

Terry Gotziaman / H.S. Principal : Putting it back to the school district to make those decisions, operating levels we ran last year didn't go. Try it this fall again, who knows it's a general election and that is usually not a very popular thing to do.

Both Gotziaman and McFarlane dont expect things to improve in the near future.

Stuart McFarlane / School Board Chair :" It's probably is going to get worse if the state doesn't come through with more funding. Or we can't get a referendum passed. This could be just the tip of the ice berg for us. "