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Published February 02, 2014, 10:01 AM

Local stores staying busy ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

With less than 24 hours until Super Bowl 48, it's not just the Broncos and Seahawks that are finishing up preparations for the big day.

By: Michael Yoshida, WDAZ

Local businesses were packed Saturday afternoon as people were out buying those last minute items to make game day a success.

The final blitz before kickoff; a final rush that stores are prepared for.

Chris Deleon/Hugo’s Family Marketplace: “We usually increase our staff with bagging and checking and stuff like that. So we get prepared for and everything for customers.”

Jason Ross/Deek’s Pizza: “This weekend I'm pretty sure we're going to have seven drivers, seven drivers on. It gets pretty hectic.”

Super Bowl Sunday ranks only behind Thanksgiving Day as the largest day of food and drink consumption by Americans.

Over $12 billion is expected to be spent on apparel and snacks; and an estimated 50 million cases of beer are expected to be consumed.

Aaron Janssen/Harry’s Bottle Shop: “It's a bigger weekend. We put a little extra staff on. Carry a little extra product. Definitely see an increase in beer sales.”

Along with getting food and drinks, people are also out getting cleaning supplies. To clean up those messes that might happen during some of the big plays on Sunday.

Deleon: “Paper towels and stuff like that. Maybe some cleaning sprays in case someone accidentally spills. You gotta clean that up right away so you don't leave marks on your floors.”

Dips and chips are some of the top selling food items, along with chicken wings and pizza.