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Published April 07, 2010, 05:34 PM

Local Watershed District Seeks Payback From Warren

A local watershed district at Warren is waiting to be paid for work on the town's flood control project. The Middle Snake Tamarac River Watershed District is asking the city of Warren to pay it more then a quarter million dollars for work done. The town of of Warren is looking at ways to pay the watershed district for money it spent to maintain the 0diversion project since it was completed in 2006.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

The town of Warren, much like Grand Forks, has to do little anymore when record floods come through. After dealing with disastrous floods in the 1990's a diversion project was built around the Snake River.

Nick Drees / Middle Snake Tamarac Rivers Watershed Disrict : "You can just guestimate how much was saved and how bad it would have gotten."

$20,000,000 in State and Federal dollars built the diversion which was finished in 2006. The Middle Snake Tamarac Rivers Watershed District has managed and maintained the project since then. Warren paid the watershed with a DNR grant.

Nick Drees : And over a period of time the grant agreement was allowed to expire, and the costs have accumulated.

Interim Administrator of the watershed District Nick Drees says they are asking Warren to pay their debt totaling about 270-thousand dollars.

"It's just time to get everything wrapped up. The project is complete now, its operational. Its time to square the books. It's certainly can be a burden on the district."

Warren City Officials says they are looking at different options of paying off the debt, but haven't yet decided. Drees says the watershed district could use the could to start new projects. He expects Warren will start to pay back the money in installments over a period of two to three years.