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Published April 08, 2010, 09:01 PM

State Board Retires Fighting Sioux Nickname And Logo

UND has been directed to retire the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo effective immediately. Now UND will start the process of finding a new name and logo.

"As I understand it we have a motion that was passed in Dickinson and unless there is a motion to reconsider that action the name is dropped. "

That today ends the University of North Dakota's use of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. Today's retirement came at the State Board of Higher Education meeting, after the Supreme Court upheld a district court decision that the board can change the name before a November 30th deadline.

Grant Shaft: "I think that's the way the board thought it would go in court. What was more problematic was we were anticipating Standing Rock would probably set a referendum date for an election on the issue we expected it this last week."

That didn't happen. No new motion was needed to retire the name today since they already passed a motion at a May 2009 meeting in Dickinson that directed UND to retire the name subject only to tribal approval. That motion was tabled because of the lawsuit. With the lawsuit resolved, there were no more hurdles left.

Robert Kelley: "This is going to be a new set of challenges and a lot of hard work for everyone."

UND President Robert Kelley has been directed to lead the university to find a new nickname logo effective immediately. The Fighting Sioux nickname put up a good fight, but Kelley says its time to move on.

Robert Kelley: "It's a mater of managing this now for the transition, providing the leadership at the university and working with the various groups stake holders, the alumni, students, faculty, staff the state all four communities in moving UND ahead. "

Kelly says he will likely ask Robert Boyd to help lead a committee to start gauging community opinions on a new name and ultimately decide on one that everyone has had input on.