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Published April 09, 2010, 07:19 PM

UND Students Rally In Support Of Fighting Sioux Nickname

Students at UND say they are shocked and disappointed by the retirement of the Fighting Sioux nickname.

By: Renee Chmiel, WDAZ

Students at UND say they are shocked and disappointed by the retirement of the Fighting Sioux nickname. Today they came together to see that their voices were heard. They say they don't feel that their opinions were taken into consideration. They say they're sad to see the nickname go, and many say they disagree with the decision.

They're the cheers that are commonly heard at hockey games, but may soon be no more. But those cheers could be heard loud and clear from students in front of the Sitting Bull Statue next to the Ralph Englestad Arena today.

"We wanted to make it a point that the students won't be ignored," said Sean Lee, who helped organize the rally.

Students met to get their picture taken in front of the statue, dressed in Fighting Sioux clothing. Some of them met near Twamley Hall earlier and walked to the Ralph, cheering and making their voices heard. They say it was a sad day on campus, as many of them felt the same way.

"The hockey team is devastated. Everyone on campus today, all they talk about is how devastated they are," said UND Student Kyle Kohns.

Students say they don't feel that their voices have been heard regarding the retirement of the nickname, and that's why they came out to the rally today...and today they were heard. Although it may be too late for them to reverse the decision, they say they want people to know they don't support it.

"I think with everyone coming out here today it really shows how much we care about our school and especially our name, and I really don't think it should change at all," said UND Student Cassidy Kujala.

Students say they hope when the name is changed that they have more of a say. Some students say they hope that the new nickname isn't that different from "Fighting Sioux".

"I think we should keep the "fighting" no matter what it is, but I'm still a die-hard Sioux fan and always will be," said UND Student Amber Powers.

It wasn't just students at the rally today, as many families also came out to show their support for the name.