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Published April 15, 2010, 04:50 PM

Kids In Fisher Get Lesson On Bullying

Some elementary students at the Fischer school got a lesson on Bullying from some Red River High School students today. They used a little creativity and real life situations to send their message.

Thanks to a play put on by some Red River High School students, these kids at the Fisher school just learned a life lesson in bullying.

Ty Klein: "Bullying isn't cool to do and it hurts other people's feelings."

Rachel Wagner: "It makes me feel bad for people who are bullied."

For the past two months these high-schoolers have been rehearsing a play to show different types of bullying and solutions. They say teaching kids lessons early is the key.

The play uses video games characters as a way to relate to the kids.

Charles Rarick: "The younger kids really take something out of this; you'd be surprised how many of the people who perform now remember it from when they're younger and remember the lessons they were taught."

They teach 6 pillars: trustworthiness, fairness, respect, responsibility, citizenship and caring. Much of the play focuses on cyber bullying.

Rachel Wagner: "It makes you look like less of a person if you're a bully."

Ty Klein: "If you see someone getting bullied you should stand up for them and try to stop the people from bullying."

4 different casts travel the area performing at more than 60 schools and 1-thousand kids teaching about bullying.