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Published April 18, 2010, 07:27 PM

Grand Forks To Look At Increasing Speed Limits

You may soon be legally able to drive a little faster on some Grand Forks streets. City engineers are looking to raise speed limits by five miles an hour on some main arteries through town.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Jim Eck has lived here just south of 47th street on Belmont Road for thirty-three years. He has have seen the traffic increase as the south end of Grand Forks has grown.

Jim Eck / "Mainly people in the Burke Addition. The biggest problem, we have is golfers that are late for their golfing date. "

Eck is talking about those who go faster than the posted 30 mile an hour speed limit. Now the city of Grand Forks is looking at increasing speed limits on many streets by five miles an hours. Most of that will be on stretches of commercial roads like South Washington and Gateway Drive. It's an effort to better coordinate traffic flow and stop light timing.

Jane Williams / GF City Engineer : "Its something you want to make sure that you keep up with, It's actually a safety item. You want to keep a majority of your traffic moving together at about the same speed. "

Under this plan on Belmont Road from 13th ave to 62nd ave south, speeds would also be increased by 5 miles per hour.

Ed James / Live on Belmont Road : "40-45 50 miles an hour, I don't think is uncommon on this road. "

Ed James say raising the speed limit from 30 to 35 in front of his house isn't a big deal. But he believes people are already going at least that fast.

Ed James / "City is going to raise the speed limit and not enforce it; I think that is only going to encourage the people to drive faster."

Jim Eck : "While it's just safety, and there are a lot of kids out here and it's a residential area."

Eck says raising the speed limit on other commercial streets in the city may be a good idea, as far as this stretch of Belmont Road.

Eck: " Leave it as it is. "