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Published April 21, 2010, 06:44 PM

Northwood Church To Hold Dedication

Three years after the Northwood tornado, the Ebenezer Lutheran Church is finely back into it's own home.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

For almost three years the Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Northwood has been with out a home. The church building was heavily damaged in the 2007 tornado.

Tim Johnson /Ebenezer Lutheran Church : "Do we fix the church? Do we start over in anyways, finally we came to this. "

The new church was built on the site of the former Northwood school. That too was mostly destroyed in the 2007 tornado. The library was salvaged and is now being used by the church as a kitchen and for sunday school. The $2.1 million dollar church is one level, and it a big upgrade for for the congregation.

Tim Johnson : "Accessibility, this is one hundred time more accessible, everywhere in this building. Its all one level."

But not all is new. The altar, stained glass windows, and pillars were taken from the old church and built into the new architecture.

Tim Johnson: "We salvaged what we could in the old church and tried to use some of the main pieces that people would recognize and make it feel like home again. "

Since the tornado, the church has rented space from another church to hold its services. This Sunday a special service will be held to make this new building the official new home of the Ebenezer Lutheran congregation.

Tim Johnson: "Lot of activities have been going on in the building. Not completely finished, but we want to commit it to the lord."