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Published April 23, 2010, 04:12 PM

Former UND Student In Trouble Over Porn Images In Hawaii

A former UND student is now in trouble at the University of Hawaii for posting risque photos and a pornographic video of himself on the internet.

By: Keoki Kerr-KITV-TV Hawaii, WDAZ

A University of Hawaii student who got into trouble for posting risque photos and a pornographic video of himself on the internet is on probation for taking the images in empty UH classrooms.

Just last year, Tim Perry was a student at the University of North Dakota.

Tim Perry is now a 22-year-old UH history major. Perry, who was born on Maui, said he transferred to UH Manoa last fall from the University of North Dakota.

He has been disciplined for posting a pornographic video and sexually suggestive photos of himself clad only in a Speedo bathing suit on the Internet. "I do not judge others and all I ask of others is that they do not judge me," he said.

Perry says that UH has placed him on probation for two violations of the student code: endangering the health of students and engaging in lewd or indecent conduct.

"I can understand why the university made the decision, but in my own mind, honestly, I'm not convinced that it's a very fair one," he said.

Perry said a friend took photos for his blog, Hawaii Speedo Student, in all the UH classrooms where he's attended classes. "I enjoy getting in front of the camera, being a little bit erotic with it, being a little bit of a tease. It's fun for me, and so far, most people that have viewed it, enjoy that," he said.

But he also shot a video of himself masturbating in a UH classroom and posted it on a free porn website, XTube. "The video I did, partly because I thought simply it would be simply a good idea, lots of people would want to watch something like that in that setting," he said.

He said he also wanted the video to prompt discussion about pornography in society. "By physically moving the location where the sex takes place from a concealed space, to one that a lot more people can find relevant, it brings it home to them more."

His photos and video have been picked up by national Web sites like Huffington Post.

Asked if his parents, who live on Maui, know about the controversy, Perry said, "Yes, they know about this, I'm not sure what their reaction is going to be yet, but they raised me to be tolerant and to not judge other people."

UH officials said Wednesday they cannot discuss Perry's discipline because of student privacy laws. However, they said they are "aware of the situation" and the rooms where he took the photos and the video "have been cleaned to ensure their sanitation and safety."

When asked about his social life and if he is getting any dates out of all of this, Perry says, "actually, no."

Perry said he enjoys dabbling in pornography and would like to pursue it as a hobby until he graduates from UH next spring.

When Perry was a UND student he was listed as a history major as well.

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