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Published April 25, 2010, 08:59 PM

A Thief River Falls Church Moves From Living Room To Gas Station

A local church in Thief River Falls brings a whole new meaning to unique.

A local church in Thief River Falls brings a whole new meaning to unique. A church starting in a living room has been meeting in an old gas station.

Driving down main street in Thief River Falls it only looks like an old gas station. Who would have known that when you walk inside it's the Epiphany Station Church?

David Richter/Parishioner: "It's a gas station a renovated gas station it that may be unusual to a lot of people, but when they understand that we come to worship at a place and that we are the church that uniqueness disappears."

Heidi Gauss/Parishioner: "From the outside it looks a little strange, but in the inside you kind of forget where you are."

This is now a 150 member church, that started with only 16 people in a living room. The goal is to reach out to people who normally don't go to church. In 2006, Kevin Brown was driving around looking for a new place to meet when he spotted this gold mine.

Kevin Brown/Founder: "It was literally a gas station; there were lifts in the front that had to be taken out and the warehouse was just an empty warehouse and we joined the two together and this is where we meet now."

The church has a mixed crowd, including elderly and children. Pastor Jeff Gauss says the church has a welcoming, loving, and family-like atmosphere.

Jeff Gauss/Lead Paster: "The music is rock-in we have a lot of fun. I am a very casual speaker and hopefully relevant, and so we have a lot of fun here, and people love it."

Gauss says he's heard churches being held in bars or movie theaters, so why not a gas station?