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Published April 25, 2010, 09:27 PM

Body Found In Red River In Grand Forks

Grand Forks Water Rescue crews found the body of a man in the Red River this afternoon. This comes 12 days after a report that a man had jumped from the Kennedy Bridge into the river in Grand Forks. Authorities are not confirming yet if the body is that of 19-year old Delano Gaking, but say if it is his, they hope it can bring some closure to the family.

It was shortly after 1PM today that water rescue crews found a body of a man in the Red River. This comes almost two weeks after a report that a man might have jumped off the Kennedy Bridge in Grand Forks.

Cpl. Thomas Inocencio says, "It was the last day we expected to put boats on the water looking for a resurface. We were anticipating to put divers in the water next Monday."

Corporal Thomas Inocencio leads the water rescue team. He can't confirm if the body is that of 19 year old Delano Gaking yet, but says if Gaking did jump, they were expecting to find the body soon.

Inocencio says, "With the water temperatures rising and the water level falling, we were expecting a resurface at that time."

Fishermen were also at the north-end boat ramp this afternoon as rescue crews pulled the body out of the river.

Angler Brad Durick says, "The thing is had they not been sitting there, we would have found him within five minutes because it was so close to the ramp we would have found him within a minute or two of launching. Better them than us I guess."

Family members and friends of Gaking also watched. Inocencio says if the body is that of Gaking's, he hopes it will bring a sense of closure.

Inocencio says, "Hopefully it does make resolution for the family."

The body is now being sent to the coroner to be identified.