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Published May 09, 2010, 09:45 PM

Cemetery Needs More Space

If you drive east on highway two in Grand Forks, you'll notice the cemetery, Calvary North.

By: Brady Mallory, WDAZ

If you drive east on highway two in Grand Forks, you'll notice the cemetery, Calvary North. Like anything, it takes some effort to keep up.

"There's the mowing of the lawns, the flowers, the trees, during the winter, snow removal," said Keila Marmesh, a youth pastor at St. Michael's Church.

Calvary North is an important place in Grand Forks, and Marmesh said it's even more important to the people.

"To know there's a place and somewhere to go and be taken care of in those final days is really nice.

There's a lot of history at Calvary Cemetery, and some of the stones are more than one hundred years old. But, like anything, space is becoming an issue.

"The five Catholic churches of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks have all been participating in a capital campaign to raise money for the future development and on-going development of the cemetery," said Father Gerard Braun of St. Micheal's Church.

That's why St. Micheal's along with St. Mary's, Holy Family, Sacred Heart and the St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center want to build Calvary South. Braun said it has been quite the process.

"The board in the last four years have been exploring and deciding upon purchase of land to build an expansion."

The board found a place just five miles down the road. With the help of more than 700 people, they are more than halfway to their one million dollar goal. Marmesh says this cause gets people thinking.

" If they haven't given they'll take a second look at it and realize this is something our community and maybe my family will need someday."

Braun says construction has begun on Calvary South, which will be located near Walmart in Grand Forks.

To find out how you can donate...call the Calvary Cemetery Association.