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Published May 10, 2010, 05:18 PM

Discrimination Investigation Clears Grafton School District

An investigation has been completed after a father complained that his daughter was bullied at a Grafton school and that teacher and administrators didn't do enough.

An investigation has been completely after a father complained that his daughter was bullied at a Grafton school and teacher and administrators didn't do enough. The father of the hispanic child eventually accused the district of discrimination and harassment.

The complaint stated that the school district failed to handle the situation appropriately but the investigation cleared the school district of discrimination.

There were five school employees who were accused by the parent of a third grade girl of discrimination and harassment. The report concluded that all the parties involved did not discriminate against the bullied girl. The girl was pushed down on the playground last November. While investigators found no evidence of discrimination, the investigation advised the school to update its old policies.

Jack Maus/Grafton Superintendent: "When somebody comes in is that they have a written complaint and that's what we will focus on rather than, this started out as bullying and it ends up as discrimination. "

The Office of Civil Rights mandated the school district do three things: have an investigation, train the staff about bullying and harassment and lastly to write a letter to the father stating that he has the same rights as any other parent.

Jack Maus/Grafton Superintendent: "Well, I think the biggest thing that's come out of this is awareness now that we're going to... You have to adjust and you have to go with it. We talked about the teachers... about the seriousness of it... And that type."

Maus says as far as he's concerned the matter is closed but the father of the student still has complaints with the school district.

Jack Maus/Grafton Superintendent: "Through the updating of the policies I think we have come a long way with it in the last year."

Maus says that the new policies in place, they will give the district a strict procedure to follow so a case of bulling doesn't turn into something it shouldn't.

We did try to track down the father who filed the complaints against the school, but we were unable to reach him for comment.