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Published May 18, 2010, 05:36 PM

More Bike Racks For Downtown GF

More parking for bike downtown Grand Forks may mean a little less for cars. As part of of a pilot program, the city is looking at the idea of taking out parallel parking spot and replacing it with one large bike rack.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Those rolling around Grand Forks on their bicycles may soon have more places to secure their ride.

The city of Grand Forks is added another 8 to 10 bike racks each year over the next couple of years.

Roxanne Achman/ GF City Planner: "That includes the entire community, however this year we decided to start with the down town. "

City Planner Roxanne Achman says a recent poll helped pin-point where racks for riders should go.

Achman/City Planner : "We asked where would you like to see more bike racks? There were several areas downtown such as amazing grains food store, and the county office building. For instance right here in front of the city hall."

Achman says the need for more bike racks is clear.

Achman/City Planner: As you can see, a lot of people are tying their bikes up to tree and signs.

Paul Holje / Co Owner Dakota Harvest: "Most people tie them to the garbage cans, lamp posts and tree. "

Co owner of Dakota Harvest Bakery Paul Holje has requested more racks to handle increased business in the summer.

Paul Holje: "We will have lines out the door for the weekends for farmers market."

Many of them on bicycle. Recently he was approached by the city wondering if he would be interested in giving up a parallel parking spot in front of his store for a big bike rack. The idea is still very preliminary, but could go a long way to solving the shortage of racks.

Paul Holje: "Asked if we would be amiable to test place in town for a street side parking stall. Basically we get 14 bikes versus one car."