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Published May 21, 2010, 07:24 PM

USAF Chief Of Staff Visits GF

Grand Forks will have an important role the Unmanned Arerial Vehicles. That from the United State Air Force Chief Of Staff. General Norton Schwartz, who spoke in Grand Forks today, re-confirmed his commitment to Un-manned Aerial Systems at Grand Forks Air Force Base today.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

General Norton Schwartz spoke today at a U-A-S Summit in Grand Forks. The audience of military, industry and university leaders listened to Schwartz's take on Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

Gen. Norton Schwartz/ U.S Air Force Chief of Staff : "The virtually insatiable appetite for potentially game changing, UAV capability at the moment primary in intelligence, and recognizance roles."

Schwartz says as the demand for unmanned aircraft grows, so will the importance of the mission of the Grand Forks Air Force Base. At one point Schwartz hinted at additional plans the Air Force may have for the Grand Forks base.

Gen. Norton Schwartz/ U.S Air Force Chief of Staff : "Global Hawk is the leading edge of the of that effort. And there may well be others. I would prefer not to speculate until we are ready to slap the table."

Schwartz pointed out Grand Forks Air Force Base's history with bombers and tankers. And says the future for the UAS mission is bright at the base.

Gen. Norton Schwartz/ U.S Air Force Chief of Staff : "The combination of facilities, and community support and aviation know how that is present here is a rare combination and one that i certainly recognize."

Schwartz called the Grand Forks Air Force Base's facilities "premiere," and said the Air Force plans on making good use of them going forward.