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Published May 22, 2010, 07:08 PM

Thunder Over The Red River Air Show

Today's air show featured the US Air Forces F-16 Thunderbirds.

Rain and wind wasn't enough to stop people from attending the Thunder Over the Red River today. The air show featured the US Air Forces F-16 Thunderbirds.

This F-18 was one of many planes tumbling through the sky at this years Air Show at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. Which brought out a record attendance to see these fantastic aircraft.

Col. Don Shaffer/US Air Force:"I couldn't be happier with the number of people we got here, we were expecting maybe 15 to 20 thousand and if I were to guess right now knowing how big the ramp is and seeing that we still have people lines up at the gate coming in here were probably at 40 to 50 thousand people so its a fantastic turn out."

Aircraft lined the ramp to allow plane enthusiasts a chance to get a first hand look into the bellies of cargo and fighter aircraft.

Rod Kelly/Participant:"They like the airplanes and the helicopters and that's all they really want to do they really don't want to learn to much about them but they like seeing them."

Travis Dalke/Student:"We saw the C-5s the KC's and all that, tried to look into the cockpits of them and met a few of the pilots its really cool."

For flight students like Travis Dalke it allows them a chance to see what they could be flying in a few years.

Travis Dalke/Student:"It's extremely unique you know watching a select few pilots are given the opportunities to fly these amazing aircraft."

Participants say they had a good time with today's event and say air shows like this, need to happen more often.

The air show ran from 9AM to 5PM.