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Published May 22, 2010, 10:16 PM

Grand Forks Hosts Third Annual Gay Pride

This year's Grand Cities Gay Pride event celebrated it's biggest year yet.

By: Brady Mallory, WDAZ

This year's Grand Cities Gay Pride event celebrated it's biggest year yet. The event started this afternoon at Downtown Square and will continue tomorrow.

With the help of local sponsors like Amazing Grains and Dakota Harvest Bakers, officials at pride say this is the first year the event has gone two days, and with many fun activities, everyone was included.

The third annual Grand Cities Pride Event was not hard to spot.

"It's a chance for us to take a little time to celebrate how far we've come in the last year and think about where we need to go in the future," said co-chair, Chris Stoner.

With live music, prizes and food, this two day event is great for the gay "Prides are important to just get together and to have a celebration and to really look at what's positive and getting people together to find strength in your local community."

Gay or straight, the people at this year's gay pride think a sense of community is important to everyone.

"We just want to be like everyone else and be able to live our lives. Having other straight, whatever you want to label yourself as, ally, etc. it's great for everyone to know every point of view," said University of North Dakota gay/straight alliance Ten Percent Society member, Geoffrey Schaubhut.

Mother of two, Niki Braunfman agreed.

"I want to support community. L-G-B-T-Q, questioning is about the community. It's about civil rights, human rights, it's really the next wave of civil rights in my opinion."

That is why Braunfman and her husband said they saw a nice afternoon for their family.

"I think this is a family event and I'm happy to bring my kids here."

She said events like gay pride help the sense of community transcend group lines.

"It's just people loving other people and sharing their lives with them."